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"Lia? Lia!" She heard her Aunt Petrushka call from outside her window. "Hurry up! It's almost time."

"Opo, Tita!" Freya replied, finally zipping up the back of her white Sunday dress and scrambling to fasten on her matching white sandals. "I'll be down in a second!"

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27th-Sep-2010 10:44 am - That Special Day

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28th-Apr-2010 10:17 am - Happy Birthday, Little Girl. :)
It seems just like yesterday that I came home from another summer tennis session one late afternoon to find a medium-sized box with the words "LUTS Corea" printed on it, sitting patiently on top of our living room couch. I swear, I'll never forget the first time I lifted the lid and soon found you staring up at me with that adorable little smile of yours...

...Happy Birthday, Freya. :)

As the days, weeks, and months soon came to pass, you started to grow. Since you're ten, maybe we should share ten things about you with everyone.

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17th-Apr-2009 11:26 am - Greetings from Bohol!
 Hey guys! I'm currently spending some of my days in this awesome beach resort. The sea is crystal clear! Can you believe that? And corals are just  being washed onto shore. I've decided to take some home with me. I made sure to also bring some pasalubong for everybody (well, maybe not exactly everybody XD). We went to Baclayon Church, the first and oldest church in the world made of coral. I really made sure to take some photos for Lugosi. I know how much he loves them. The tarsiers were just the cutest things. They look like brown fist-sized pieces of cotton with marbles glued on for eyes(and they can turn their heads around 360 degrees)! I believe I might look much darker when I come back. My LUTS-Kid Delf Aru's probably going to arrive in two or three weeks? I really should start looking for her clothes... 

Damn it... I wasn't able to catch Dollmore Model Doll-Black Candy Ipsae (Gold) Special Edition! I really love her face up, not to mention her blushed body, but I was late for three whole years. Oh well, I have also taken a liking to DOD'S DOC Too&Bee-A package. I totally heart Blue Fairy's Special Emilie and Tommy, but they'll only be sold in option parts from now on. Good grief, I've developed quite a thing for cute blonde BJDs. I know because I also want a LUTS-Super Senior Delf Regen(his pictures on the LUTS website have him blonde with blue eyes). I've also warmed up to LUTS-Senior Delf Dahlia, Senior Delf Camilla, Kid Delf Mocha, Volks SD13 Tohya and SD Miruku (both Dolpa 20 Version), SDC Renee and Kaede, Yo-SD Chinatsu, Yo-Tenshi Hinata and Shizuku, Model Doll-White Lingerie II-Leah Cox, Black Lingerie II-Eva Louise, and B&G Sunny and Sandra. My, I've quite a list haven't I? Nw I know which dolls to get when I suddenly become the richest person on Earth. Hopefully, I'll get some of them when I'm older, and chance upon some of the older models. It seems I'm building a family here, 

Notice: I don't know where to get Freya any underwear so, if anyone could, please sell me some. Thanks. :)
21st-Mar-2009 02:26 pm - Summer and A New Friend

Hello everyone, been a while. It's been months since I last posted. School was pretty hectic, as everybody had to fuss around projects and clearances. 

Last March 17, 2009, a new member was to join my family.

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5th-Dec-2008 07:20 pm - About Me
Little Yagyuu

Hi there people. I'm a new member.

Uh, I like to write, play videogames, draw and design clothes and write. I also like sports and music. I'm very good at math but I'm starting to think it's getting kinda boring...

Like my profile said, I like BJD's. My favorite is the Volks LE SD Liz. Currently, I've fallen in love for the LE Yo-Tenshi Hinata and the LE SD16 Johanna. I think they look great as mother and daughter. I dream of having a BJD one day and I plan on working with it in my college years.

As stated above, I draw and write. I'll be posting some of my drawings at my Deviantart account and I might put up some of my stories here. Please keep in mind that I am an amateur writeso I hope you could at least try to be nice and not flame me. Thanks for reading. :D
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